Nerdwallet's new San Francisco office has a bar stocked with 80 different kinds of booze

Nerdwallet officeDarren HullA fitness class taking place at Nerdwallet HQ.

Nerdwallet, a consumer finance startup that produces content relating to personal banking and insurance, recently moved into new offices in San Francisco.

The office takes up the top two floors of a building on Market Street, situated in a quickly evolving part of the city.

The startup’s 130 employees — or “Nerds,” as they call themselves — certainly have some awesome amenities to make use of now.

Nerdwallet’s new office has free yoga and other fitness class, daily catered lunches, and even a bar fully stocked with booze.

Nerdwallet's office takes up 40,000 square feet in an office on Market Street.

The office is located in the Mid-Market area of San Francisco, not far from Twitter's headquarters. Formerly a rough area, the neighbourhood is being revitalized as more tech companies move in.

CEO Tim Chen and VP of marketing Stephanie Wei talk near the entrance to Nerdwallet.

Here's a look at the reception area and library. In the background you can see the terrace, which the team hopes to have ready by the summer.

When each employee starts work, he or she is asked to bring in a book and write his or her name, start date, and a little blurb on the book jacket. Here you'll see a blurb for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 'Why We Can't Wait.'

There are lots of different seating areas around the office.

VP of people operations Florence Thinh and business operations manager Megan Tedford sit in a particularly sun-filled corner of the office.

Outside of lunchtime, the all-hands area is a place for employees to hold meetings and get some work. Editor Chris Hutchinson finds a quiet moment here.

But during lunch, the cafeteria is a bustling place. Nerdwallet workers get to enjoy a free catered lunch every day, in addition to catered happy hours on Fridays.

The design team is hard at work in this conference room.

The office has an in-house broadcast studio called 'NerdyRock,' where they film interviews and other short video clips.

Nerdwallet is a very dog-friendly office, and some 14 dogs can be found here at any given time. Pictured are learning and development associate Lincy Suen and her canine friend Blake.

The office has a large open area where boot camp and yoga classes are hosted several times a week.

But when there isn't a fitness class going on, a dozen beanbags make for a comfortable place to hang out. It's also a popular place for visiting kids to build pillow forts.

Nerdwallet encourages its employees to embrace and learn from their mistakes. One way they do this is to have people write their slip-ups on Post-It notes and put them on the so-called 'Fail Wall.' While some are light-hearted ('I ate an entire pizza for dinner. I am gluten intolerant) others are more serious, like this note from the CEO.

The office also has a bar stocked with more than 80 different kinds of booze. The bar is named 'JD81' in a throwback to the startup's early days. Several years ago, while celebrating an engineering milestone at a local bar, the group racked up a tab that included 81 shots of Jack Daniels. Now they host weekly catered happy hours and mix their own signature cocktails right in their office.

And, of course, the office has its own ping pong and foosball tables. Nerdwallet also participates in softball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer intramural leagues in San Francisco.

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