Check out some of the most outrageous designs for a new pedestrian bridge in London

Wandsworth Council invited developers and architects to submit ideas for a new bridge in London’s Battersea that will connect Nine Elms to Pimlico as part of a multi-million pound project.

The “NEP Bridge Competition” received submissions from 74 professional teams around the world. A shortlist will be announced in March after the first round of judging. The winner will get a budget of more than £26 million, if the bridge gets through planning.

To begin, here's an overview o south-west London, where the bridge will be built.

It would connect upmarket Pimlico with Nine Elms, a part of London undergoing huge development at the moment. This bridge has mini forests at each end.

West London is home to the famous West End. This one is basically just an open theatre.

This is one of the more amazing ideas -- it's a weird, waterfall/spoon bridge with a twirly bit in the middle.

The competition lists 'design innovation' as an important part of the process. This definitely ticks that box.

While this creation is simply inexplicable.

With the £26 million core funding, it's hoped that additional investment will raise the figure to around £40 million. Designs such as this one will likely need a lot of cash.

This design doesn't look like it will come cheap.

Not all the creations look so bold, however. This one is suitably artisan, and probably slightly cheaper to construct.

The Battersea/Pimlico areas of London are sought after locations as they're so close to the capital's centre, where lots of the clubs are. This rave bridge would probably fit right in.

The competition is only for bridges that are for pedestrians and cyclists only.

Those behind the project say Nine Elms has 'been awakened' and that the bridge will soon become a 'much-used Thames crossing.' And possibly a homage to Star Wars' Lightsabers, too, it seems from this design submission.

A lot of Nine Elms is now new and modern, so a bridge such as this one, made of spiralling pink lights, would probably look quite good.

But Pimlico is made of older, more traditional London landscapes. Whoever drew up this picture has definitely kept that in mind -- although they might have gone back a little too far in time.

We're not entirely sure what this is.

The brief requires 'integrating cycle and pedestrian traffic.' It doesn't say anything about water slides, however.

This developer decided to take the stipulations more seriously. So much so, in fact, that they incorporated what looks to be a cycling race track in the middle.

These guys thought a climbing frame would be best.

And these architects appear to be toying with the idea of a helter skelter slide at one end.

Overall, the advice is to form a 'fitting landmark for London,' which this bridge would definitely do.

This bridge, made up of squares, is very memorable.

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