Nelly fans are streaming his music en masse to help pay off his $2.4 million tax debt

Nelly hot in herre
Nelly’s ‘Hot in Herre.’ NellyVEVO

After TMZ reported that rapper Nelly owed $2.4 million in taxes to the IRS, fans of the rapper took to Twitter on Tuesday to propose that everyone help Nelly out with his financial troubles by streaming his songs en masse.

Accordingly, the hashtags “#HotInHerreStreamingParty” and “#SaveNelly” trended on Twitter, as Nelly fans voiced their support for the rapper and returned to his 2002 single “Hot in Herre” for repeated listening.  

As Spin points out, though, Nelly fans would have to stream the song over 287 million times on Spotify for the rapper to make enough to cover his debt. 

The streaming service announced recently that it pays artists between $0.006 and $0.0084 per song stream, so 287 million streams would correspond to a “high end” payout. If Nelly were to receive the minimum $0.006 per stream, fans would have to stream “Hot in Herre” or any song from Nelly’s streaming catalogue over 402 million times. 

While it’s likely that the movement will be in vain given those staggering figures, here are some of the best Twitter reactions from #HotInHerreStreamingParty and #SaveNelly’s attempts to alleviate Nelly’s finanical predicament:

Stream “Hot in Herre” on repeat below, via Spotify.

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