Here's The Rundown Hotel Where A British Fixer At The centre Of The Bo Xilai Scandal Was Murdered

CNN’s Stan Grant has a new report on the Bo Xilai scandal, including an interview with the well-known local source Wang Kang.

Also of interest is the trip Grant makes to the┬áNanshan Lijing Holiday Hotel where Neil Heywood, the British national linked to the scandal, was reportedly killed at the orders of Bo’s wife.

As Grant notes, the hotel is pretty run down, but its distressing to think of it as the place that Heywood was reportedly pinned down and forced to swallow a lethal dose of poison.

Malcolm Moore of the Telegraph reports that its unclear whether Heywood died in a $50 a night room or one of the villa’s, which can cost up to $1,000.

Moore adds that the hotel has “a swimming pool, tennis court and a large karaoke suite, complete with spotlights, a stage and zebra-striped sofas”, and it seems to have received good results on hotel rating websites.

Grant, however, find the place a bit shabby, noting torn skirting boards, exposed electrical wires and dead bugs on the floor.

Here’s some shots from the video:

Neil Heywood China Bo Hotel
Neil Heywood China Bo Hotel
Neil Heywood China Bo Hotel
Neil Heywood China Bo Hotel
Neil Heywood China Bo Hotel

Watch the whole video over at CNN >
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