REPORT: Bo Xilai's Wife Has Admitted To Murdering The British Businessman

Neil Heywood China Bo

Photo: Sky News Screenshot

Gu Kailai, the wife of ousted Chongquing party boss Bo Xilai and the epicentre a scandal that has shaken China to its core, has admitted to murdering the British businessman Neil Heywood, according to reports in Asashi Shimbun.Chinese Communist Party sources told the Japanese newspaper that Gu had admitted to murdering Heywood after feeling “driven into a corner” by an investigation into her financial dealings. She was apparently worried that Heywood would give away details of $6 billion in undeclared income she transferred to friends and relatives in the early 1990s.

The death of Heywood last year was originally put down to alcohol poisoning, despite friends saying the well-educated Brit didn’t drink. It was only after a shocking account of the murder from a police chief that Gu became a murder suspect and Chongquing party boss Bo was forced from office.

Heywood had helped Gu and Bo place their “playboy” son in an elite private school, but he apparently had deeper links to the pair — covert business operations, and some have even suggested he was Gu’s lover. It was because of these links that he was later pinned down and administered poison in a Chinese hotel room, if reports are to be believed.

Sources are currently investigating whether Bo knew of his wife’s actions, Ashashi Shimbun reports.

Just days ago another foreigner who had business dealings with the Bo Xilai family was arrested in Cambodia. French architect Patrick Henri Devillers was to be taken to China for questioning, but France appears to have blocked that move today.

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