The Gawker Writer Who Delivers An Insane Amount Of Their Traffic Is Leaving

Neetzan Zimmerman, the traffic machine responsible for the bulk of’s visits is leaving the site.’s editor-in-chief John Cook tweeted Zimmerman is going to a startup. Capital New York confirmed Zimmerman is leaving, though Zimmerman isn’t saying where he’s going.

Zimmerman’s job at Gawker was to generate lots of traffic so the rest of the staff could work on more meaty material. He was great at his job. Last month he delivered 98% of the site’s unique visitors. Without Zimmerman, is going to significantly shrink.

For Gawker Media, this isn’t as big a set back. The network of sites had 106 million uniques last month.

In a memo on Zimmerman leaving, Cook said, “His next move is to a start-up that is not among our competitors in the news business.”

He also said, “Anyway, we’re f**ed, start traffic-whoring. BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS: Neetzan will be a loss, but one of the reasons, beyond his talent, that he’s been the guy pulling in the big numbers here is that he has been the guy tasked with pulling in the big numbers here. That strategy–traffic scapegoating–won’t change. We’ll find others to harness the power of Facebook algorithms and make sure we’re hitting the traffic sweetspots that we need to.”

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