The needle saga continues after pins were found in a Melbourne train seat

Anthony Artusa/ TwitterThe pins found on the Melbourne train seat.

Around twenty sewing needles were found in the seat of a Melbourne train on Tuesday.

The pins were found just before 8am by a commuter on the city loop line.

When the train arrived at North Melbourne the man sat down on a vacant seat and felt a pin-prick in the back of his leg and buttock.

“Had a lovely surprise this morning when I sat on a seat with around 20 needles sticking out of it,” Anthony Artusa tweeted.

Approximately 20 needles were later found to be inserted into the seat and surrounding seats.

Metro Trains and Victorian Police are investigating the issue.

Transit Crime Investigation Unit detectives are also appealing to the public and wish to speak to any witnesses travelling on the train.

It follows a nationwide fruit contamination crisis which came back into the spotlight last week after needles were found in grapes sold in Melbourne.

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