Need a Website? VFlyer Offers Simple but Feature-Rich Website Builder

Anyone who’s ever tried to build a website knows how complicated it can be. WordPress Themes can be great, but many of the themes emphasise a site’s blog, when not all small businesses need a blog on the main page. Third-party WordPress themes can have bugs and be difficult to install and maintain. There has to be an easier way.

VFlyer says it has that solution. SmallBizTechnology’s Ramon Ray recently gave VFlyer a try and found that he was able to create a nice-looking site in only a few minutes. He was even able to add modules and customise the site to make it look exactly the way he wanted.

“While my favourite tool is WordPress, WordPress is not for everyone as sometimes you don’t want a BLOG formatted web site but you do want a true web site with a layout that does not look like a blog,” Ramon says.

VFlyer has been around since 2004, but recently it upgraded its free website builder tool. The company originally offered templates and tools for Craigslist listings and e-mail newsletters, but it recognised a need for customisable websites for small businesses.

“Until now, small businesses have faced a tough choice when it comes to building a website,” said vFlyer CEO Aaron Sperling. “They could opt for a free or low-cost website builder, which tend to be limited in what they offer, or choose a more sophisticated content management system (CMS), which are typically more powerful but also more complex and difficult to learn. We’ve identified the core capabilities of powerful CMS systems and simplified them to create an intuitive and cost-effective solution for small business owners.”

One of the main goals of this launch was to provide a site small business owners could continue to update after its launch. Whether a business owner uses a tool or hires a designer, often a site can’t easily be updated once it’s live. Some of the features of vFlyer’s enhanced web development tool are:

  • Structured content templates: These ready-made templates allow users to easily add articles, client testimonials, team member lists, and more. Users can further customise these templates to fit the theme of their business.
  • Advanced page templates: Changes a business owner makes to one page will not impact the other pages of the site.
  • Safety net feature: vFlyer offers an undo/redo button that can keep a site manager from spending hours fixing the damage done by one mistake.
  • vFlyer Marketing integration: For users who take advantage of vFlyer Marketing, the site now allows easy integration with websites designed using the service. This can help keep your business’s inventory updated.
  • Module copying: Site owners can save modules to copy for a separate page that can then be updated. This can save hours spent recreating the same design over multiple pages.
  • Preview environment: Site owners can now test a site before going live with it, thanks to vFlyer’s preview environment.

With the free plan, small business owners get up to 10 pages per site. For a more intensive site with  more storage and pages, subscriptions start at $12 per month. While free plans allow owners to create a personalised URL, paid plans let owners link a domain name to their site.


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