Check Out The Awesome Tribeca "Cave" Condo That A JP Morgan Star Commodities Trader Just Built

nedim soylemez

Photo: Screen Grab from WSJ Video

Nedim Soylemez is a star commodities trader for JP Morgan.He was once named in Trader Monthly’s 30 Under 30 — in the second position — with a fellow energy trader saying: “He has the most raw trading talent Ive ever seen.”

“He made his mark holding swing positions during Hurricane Katrina” and apparently there are comparisons to John Arnold, the star Enron energy trader who now runs his own shop Centaurus.

Soylemez, who is the head fixed-price natural-gas trader at JP Morgan, paid $3.1 million for his Tribeca pad, the WSJ reports. (The video of the apartment is below.)

It’s the kind of apartment that could only sell in a highly desired, space-restricted city—72 feet long and cavernous, with windows on only one end of the space, plunging part of the unit into darkness.

Still, Nedim Soylemez loved it so much, he made an offer the day he saw it. “If it’s going to be all light and all windows, it should be in the Hamptons, where I can take my shirt off and jump in the pool.”

For a windowless area, he installed a video installation that mimics a real window, with light that changes throughout the day.

Soylemez moved to New York from Istanbul. He earned an engineering degree at Columbia then landed a job at Morgan Stanley. He moved to JP Morgan with his boss, legendary trader Beau Taylor, in 2005. Taylor “made millions by salvaging some of Amaranth’s positions after its collapse.”

When Soylemez said he was buying the apartment three years ago, a fellow trader tried to talk him out of it: “I think I said something about a bedroom without windows and resale value, but he proved me wrong.”

There was then “a stressful gut renovation that took 16 months, employed lighting, sound and art consultants and surpassed Mr. Soylemez’s $1 million budget (he refused to say by how much)” the WSJ said.

Check out the condo below:

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