One of America's most-hated candies is in danger of disappearing forever -- and people are freaking out

NeccoNecco Wafers are in danger of extinction
  • Necco brands – including Necco Wafers, Sweethearts, and Clark Bars – are in danger of extinction.
  • The candies’ maker, New England Confectionary Co., plans to close operations in May if it does not find a buyer.
  • Fans of the candies are freaking out and stockpiling goods.

Necco Wafer diehards are freaking out as fears that the much-maligned candy could disappear forever grow.

In mid-March, Necco maker New England Confectionery Co. announced that it could close operations in May if it was unable to find a buyer. The closure would mean the end of Necco Wafers, a polarising candy that has been around since 1847.

Candy heartsWikimedia CommonsSweethearts are also in danger

As news of the potential closure spread, fans of Necco Wafers and other Necco brands such as Sweethearts, Mary Janes, and Clark Bars, freaked out.

Necco Wafer sales spiked more than 63% since the announcement, reported recently.

The candy e-commerce website said it had received 253 emails inquiring about the candies, as well as 167 “panicked phone calls” as many attempted to buy the brand in bulk quantities. One woman went as far as offering to swap her Honda Accord for all the Necco Wafers has available.

Other candy outlets are facing similar demand. Jon Prince, president of wholesaler, told The Wall Street Journal he had fielded hundreds of calls over the weekend as some fans attempted to buy his entire inventory of Necco wafers.

“They’re shocked and scared,” Prince told The Journal. “They’re not happy about it.”

The Journal noted that many people weren’t so positive about the candy until they felt it was going to be ripped away.

“The flavours have been described as ‘tropical drywall,’ ‘plaster surprise,’ and ‘attic citrus,'” John Clarke wrote in The Journal. “One Twitter commentator calls it a candy that ‘only a psychopath would like.'”

Still, devoted fans are organising on social media using the hashtag #SaveNecco.

According to The Journal, the campaign was inspired by a sixth-grade class from Oregon, who wrote letters to the mayor of Revere, Massachusetts, home of New England Confectionery Co.’s headquarters.

On Tuesday, Necco responded to the explosion of support.

“Fans, we have received an astounding amount of emails concerning the future of our company,” Necco posted on its Facebook page. “I will do my best to get back to you all. All I can say is that we are unsure of our future but hopeful for a buyer to keep this sweet and nostalgic brand alive for many more decades.”

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