Nebraska And Wisconsin Will Wear Wild Uniforms For Their 'Rivalry' Game

Wisconsin and Nebraska

Photo: Adidas Football

On September 29, Nebraska and Wisconsin will play each other in what is being billed as “The Quick and the Red.” It is essentially a made-up rivalry featuring two of the biggest schools that wear Adidas gear.And Adidas is using this game as an opportunity to jump on the crazy uniform bandwagon along with charter members Nike and Under Armour.

The game will be played under the lights, and both teams will wear special Adidas “TechFit” uniforms. The duds will only be worn once by each team.

Both uniforms follow the same template. And while Wisconsin’s uniforms have more of a throwback feel, the Nebraska uniforms represent a radical overhaul, adding black as a primary colour.

The Wisconsin jerseys will sport a gigantic W and smaller numbers on the front

And the helmets will have a logo similar to what was worn in the 50s and 60s

It is unclear, but we assume the jerseys will include player names, and not 'Badgers'

And of course all football teams have to have logo-emblazoned gloves

And undershirts for the public to buy

Nebraska is going black and red and minimising the white we are all used to seeing

The helmet logo is the same, but it is now on a black helmet

This game is going to have a lot of red

And let's not forget the look-at-me gloves

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