And The #1 College Football Team According To Fans Is…


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College football kicks off a week from today, and as they have been doing for almost 75 years, the Associated Press has named a #1. This year’s choice was Oklahoma.Despite the chest thumping that erupts each year after the poll is released, the data says Sooner fans need to couch their enthusiasm. Since the AP started naming a pre-season #1 in 1950, only 10 pre-season #1’s have gone on to win the National Championship. Statistically speaking, that’s below the Mendoza line.

At TiqIQ, our world revolves around the ticket market, and given the AP’s lack of predictive success over the years, we decided to launch the TiqIQ Top 25 to see if it was a better predictor post-season glory.

Rather than look at anything happening on the field, however, the TiqIQ Top 25 lets the fans do the voting, namely with their wallets. The TiqIQ Top 25 is based on the average price of a teams home games. The top 25 will be updated weekly, so be sure to check back regularly.

If come January, Nebraska–our pre-season #1–is holding the Coahes Trophy high, we’ll know we’re on to something. If not, it’s one more things for fans to argue about before their teams ever take the field.