The University Of Nebraska Is Paying Its Successful Football Coach A Lot Of Money To Go Away

Bo PeliniJamie Squire/Getty ImagesBo Pelini won a lot of games at Nebraska but it wasn’t enough.

The University of Nebraska has fired Bo Pelini after seven seasons as their football coach and the move is a costly one for the school.

Nebraska will pay Pelini $US150,000 per month for the next four years and three months ($US7.65 million). That amount can be reduced if Pelini finds “substantially comparable employment” according to Dan Wolken of

What is curious about the firing is that Pelini has been a successful coach at Nebraska. However, this move is just the latest example that the landscape of coaching in college football is becoming more like the NFL all the time.

It was not long ago when top coaches often had to weigh the higher salaries of coaching in the NFL against less money and more job security coaching in college.

However, as the salaries of the top college coaches are rising, so are the expectations and the pressure.

Nebraska won at least nine games in each of Pelini’s seven seasons including three seasons with ten wins. However, that wasn’t good enough for a program that feels they should be contending for a national championship every year.

Athletic director Shawn Eichorst made this clear at the press conference announcing the decision when he stated “we weren’t good enough in games that mattered against championship-calibre opponents.”

In other words, job security in college football is a thing of the past.

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