Nearly 10,000 Aussies have signed the petition for TISM to represent them at Eurovision

Australia has finally drawn a wildcard entry into the world’s cheesiest pop tournament, Eurovision.

You can expect plenty of handwringing over who we’ll send, mainly from the same tired bunch of cultural cringers mortally afraid we’ll embarrass ourselves, and who really don’t understand that that’s wherein the whole appeal of Eurovision lies.

So if you don’t want to end up represented by a reality TV “winner”, or worse, a Triple J Hottest 100 flavour of the hour, check out this petition on to get TISM back on stage .

OK, so TISM were actually darlings of the JJJ set back in the early ’90s, but for all the same reasons that they wouldn’t be today. They were bizarre, controversial and didn’t seem to take themselves too seriously.

And still turned out some amazing tracks, including the incredibly tactless “(He’ll Never Be An) Old Man River”:

As you can see, they’re quite the stage act, although there’s a slight chance that wasn’t even TISM you watched, because they’ve never been seen without their faces covered. But if you’re going to win Eurovision, you need something that intrigues the viewers, aka, last year’s winner, Conchita Wurst:

Picture: Getty Images.

Or the spectacular 2006 heavy metal champions from Finland, Lordi:

Picture: Getty Images

TISM have it in spades, but they hung up their masks in 2004. Except now that nearly 10,000 Australians have called for them to stand tall for their country, hope looms for fans. petitioner Andrew Wade put out this plea to the band:

Since you left us in 2004, we’ve had a never ending parade of gormless depressing electro-indie, depressing indie-folk, and depressing Aussie hip-hop. We the undersigned, ask that you get on stage in front of the world and remind them of just how great Australian music is.

And this morning, one of the vocalists, Humphrey B Flaubert, and the only TISM member to self-out himself as Damian Cowell, answered:

“I do not wish to comment on behalf of TISM out of respect for my colleagues and the artistic integrity of the band. However, if a multinational with a horrendous human rights record gives me a large cheque, all bets are on.”

The outpouring on the petition page so far has been… emotional.

If you need any more convincing, Buzzfeed has at least 21 reasons why TISM are the best thing to ever come out of Australia.

Here’s the page where you can sign the petition.

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