Groupon Investor NEA Raises A Huge $2.6 Billion Fund

NEA's Twitter ad

New Enterprise Associates, one of the largest venture-capital funds in the world, has raised $2.6 billion for its latest fund.

It’s the third fund raised by NEA that exceeds $2.5 billion—which is a big number for the venture-capital world, even in a time when billion-dollar funds are becoming less unusual. NEA now has $13 billion in committed capital.

A few years ago, some of that big pool of cash went into an oddball Chicago company called The Point, which experimented with rallying Internet users around social causes before switching to small-business discounts and renaming itself … Groupon. You may have heard of it.

Fortune once called NEA the “VC world’s best-kept secret,” noting its buttoned-down, East Coast sensibility.  The magazine noted how few NEA partners even kept accounts on Twitter. Seems like NEA is trying to change that.

You see, early Tuesday evening, we spotted an ad on Twitter for @neavc, the firm’s main Twitter account, which trails behind Andreessen Horowitz’s @a16z by about 1,000 followers. Pretty sophisticated for some buttoned-down East Coasters.

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