The Dangerous Indian Supergene Was Just Found In A Military Hospital

superbug ndm1Klebsiella pneumoniae — the bacterium that NDM-1 was first identified in.

Photo: Wikipedia

The superbug NDM-1 (aka the “Indian supergene”) was found in a patient at a US military field hospital in Afghanistan back in March, reports.NDM-1 (or New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1) is a type of enzyme that makes bacteria resistant to most of the antibiotics that are used to fight them.

It first surfaced in 2008 and caused a scare in the US earlier this year when 350 cases of Klebsiella pneumoniae — the bacteria in which NDM-1 was first found — were identified in the Los Angeles area. Doctors identified the superbug as a potential worldwide threat.

This is the first time a case has been reported in a military hospital, and it’s particularly dangerous in that environment because of the traumatic injuries they treat and the heightened potential for infection. 

The patient, an Afghan national from Kabul who was burnt in an explosion, died.

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