Yeah Right: Ndamukong Suh Thinks The Lions Can Go 16-0

ndamukong suh detroit lions nfl

Photo: AP

Forgive the NFL’s AP Defensive Rookie of the Year, he hasn’t been a part of the Detroit Lions’ decade of futility.In his first season, the team went 6-10 but won its last four games, so Suh isn’t as familiar with the way professional football has been played in Detroit since the team last had a winning record in 2000.

Still, Suh’s suggestion that the Lions could go 16-0 is asinine.

Forget Detroit’s recent failures, there is still only one team that has ever gone 16-0 in a regular season, the 2007 New England Patriots, and just about everyone would agree that they had significantly more talent than Detroit.

The Lions clearly are building towards a playoff berth.  With Suh anchoring an improving defence, and skill players at important positions on offence, there’s reason to believe they could be in contention for a Wild Card berth next season.  But no matter how hard Detroit works this offseason, a perfect record is not realistic.

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