NDAA, CISPA, And (Misplaced) Bravery

Anyone can look good when they are winning.

Real courage is shown, however, when you are dealt an atrocious hand and you stay at the table regardless. You play it out.

We are losing, friends and beloved readers. America is racing headlong into a fascist state entirely of our own making. We can’t blame this one on our foreign enemies; this one is all us.

The TSA, an unconstitutional agency that criminally gropes women and shames honest taxpaying men into submission, has expanded rapidly on Mr. Obama’s watch (more than 65,000 employees to oversee just 450 U.S. airports, and they are expanding their grope-gloves to train stations, highways, and bus depots).

Guantanamo Bay, a torture facility that would be absurd if it were not, in fact, real — has released less men and women on Mr. Obama’s watch than during Mr. Bush’s.

Mr. Obama signed NDAA into law, giving him and all future presidents the right to imprison American citizens (and all other human beings on the planet) INDEFINITELY, without access to a trial or attorney. Revoking due process rights, on suspicion alone. As if 9/11 happened yesterday, and not more than a decade ago.

Major U.S. cable networks including CNN refuse to cover NDAA and its implications for the future of this nation.

And now the wide-ranging surveillance bill CISPA looks as if it will soon become law, authorizing the government — and even private security companies — to access your most intimate online activities without a warrant or proper court authorization… Facebook messages, Google searches, e-mails, and so forth.

How ludicrously arrogant I was back in December to think that I could warn everyone in time. Stop what’s happening now. Go against a multi-billion dollar defence lobby that literally hires “sock puppets” to promote false views on Twitter and Facebook, and to harass journalists who don’t fall in lock-step with their utterly sinister, un-American ambitions.

Good night readers, and goodbye. I wish things hadn’t turned out as they did.

But you are (partially) to blame, you know. You did nothing when you were warned. You didn’t even donate your time or money to change our fate. This nation’s founding fathers and veterans would be disgusted with our apathy. That is the hard truth.

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