The 11 Teams In The NCAA Tournament That Make The Most Money

The Louisville Cardinals may have been screwed by receiving a 4-seed in the NCAA tournament. But when it comes to making money, no team can top Rick Pitino’s Cardinals.

In’s annual look at the most valuable college basketball teams, the Louisville Cardinals come out on top with a value of $US39.5 million. Most of that value stems from donations ($21.5 million) and ticket sales ($11.5 million).

As a result, the Louisville program turns a profit of $US24.7 million.

Here are the 11 schools with the biggest profit margin (team value in parentheses).

  1. University of Louisville, $US24.7 million ($39.5 million)
  2. University of Kentucky, $US20.4 million ($32.5 million)
  3. University of Kansas, $US20.0 million ($33.0 million)
  4. University of Indiana, $US16.9 million ($25.4 million)
  5. University of Arizona, $US16.1 million ($25.2 million)
  6. University of North Carolina, $US14.8 million ($25.7 million)
  7. Ohio State University, $US13.5 million ($22.9 million)
  8. University of Wisconsin, $US12.7 million ($21.1 million)
  9. Syracuse University, $US12.3 million ($21.0 million)
  10. North Carolina State University, $US11.3 million ($17.0 million)
  11. Duke University, $US10.6 million ($18.9 million)

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