ANSWERED: All The Simple NCAA Bracket Questions You're Too Embarrassed To Ask

Harrison Barnes

Photo: AP Images

The field for the NCAA Tournament was released last night, and now you have until Thursday at noon to fill out your bracket.If you aren’t a sports dork and don’t really know how these things work, we put together a handy FAQ to give you the basics.

How’s this work?

You pick every game, every round, and then you get points if you pick a game correctly.

Do I pick them all at once or at the beginning of each round?

All at once.

So what if a team has going really far loses early on?

You’re screwed.

What do the little numbers mean?

They’re seeds. The tournament is divided into four regions. In each region the teams are seeded from 1 to 16 based on how good they are. In the first round, the No. 1 team plays the No. 16 team, the No. 2 team plays the No. 15 team, and so on.

So I should just pick the better seed every game, right?


How come?

Because it’s boring and everyone will hate you if you pick all the good teams.

Yeah, but I’ll win my office pool that way?

Not necessarily. Last year, the Final Four teams was a 3 seed, 4 seed, 8 seed, and 11 seed.

So it’s just a crap shoot?


Fine. When do I have to fill this thing out by again?

Thursday at noon.

But what about these dumb Tuesday/Wednesday games?

You don’t have to pick them, they’re dumb.

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