The NCAA Interrogated Johnny Manziel For Six Hours About His Autograph Scandal Last Weekend

While Texas A&M begins its season on Saturday, the status of quarterback Johnny Manziel is still unclear.

ESPN’s Travis Haney reports that NCAA investigators questioned Manziel in College Station for six hours on Sunday.

During the meeting, Manziel denied that he sold his autograph, CBS’s Chris Patterson reports.

Manziel has been accused of selling his autograph by a handful of anonymous memorabilia brokers over the last few weeks — which would constitute a clear violation of NCAA rules.

The NCAA has reportedly been investigating the accusations, but they almost certainly won’t issue a ruling before Saturday. If Texas A&M allows Manziel to play on Saturday and he is later found to have committed an NCAA violation, the school could face more severe penalties.

All signs point to Manziel playing on Saturday. The school’s chancellor told local news station KBTX3 that Manziel is innocent. He also accused ESPN of “hype journalism.”

The athletic department, for its part, has told its players and coaches not to talk about the Manziel situation.

ESPN reports that it’s unclear if the NCAA will need even more time with Manziel as the investigation moves on.

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