NCAA President: There Is Clearly Momentum Heading Towards A College Football Playoff

NCAA President Mark Emmert was on ESPN’s SportsCenter this morning and emphasised several times that the decision to add a playoff format to Division I college football (FBS) is up to the schools. He also added that there is “clearly momentum” heading in that direction.

Emmert does say that he is in favour of either a 4 or even an 8-team playoff. However, if the schools want something bigger, he wants to make sure that it is not too much demand on the players’ bodies.

Kevin Negandhi did a great job by pointing out the flaw in this argument by asking Emmert why it is OK for the FCS (I-AA) schools to have a playoff with more than eight teams. At that point, Emmert brings up the presence of bowl games in I-A, which of course has absolutely nothing to do with how taxing the extra games will be on the athletes, and has everything to do with how much money the schools are making.

Here’s video of the entire exchange…


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