Peyton Manning Says Sitting Out Is Like Going From Giving The Sermon To Passing Out The Church Bulletins

Peyton Manning

Photo: CBS Sports

Peyton Manning has been out of the spotlight this season since having surgery on his neck that could cost him the 2011 season. But he came out of hiding on Saturday when he made an appearance in the television booth for the Tennessee-LSU matchup.At the start of the second half, Manning joined the booth, sitting between Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist. Manning discussed his rehab, saying he is taking is slow and gets to “do a little more each week.”

He also described his new role with the Colts as “tough” and compared it to a pastor being demoted:

“It’s kinda like I’ve been giving the sermon for 14 years and now I’m passing out the bulletins. And I’m doing a real great job on giving out these bulletins. But it doesn’t have a real big impact on the service.”

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