WATCH: Intentional Safety On Final Play Costs Gamblers Millions

There are bad beats and there are bad beats that feel like somebody punched you in the gut. The latter occurred today when South Carolina took an intentional safety on the game’s final play against Mississippi State.

The Gamecocks were winning 14-10 with the ball on their own nine-yard line facing a 4th and twelve with only four second remaining. Rather than punt the ball and risk a punt return or a block, and rather than just run around in circles, Steve Spurrier had his quarterback run back and out of the endzone as time expired.

Final score: 14-12. And loads of heartache for anybody that bet on South Carolina with the spread at either -3 or -3.5. One expert estimated that the play cost gamblers $30 million. A lot of those losses were undoubtedly made by USC boosters who can’t be too happy with the Ole Ball Coach today.


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