The NCAA’s Beefed-Up Academic Standards Could Mean Huge Trouble For High-Profile Teams

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The NCAA unanimously approved a measure yesterday that will ban teams from postseason play if they fail to meet the minimum Academic Progress Rate over four years.APR is a metric used as “an indicator of eventual graduation rates”, according to the NCAA’s website.

The current APR minimum is 925. It will be raised to 930 under the new rule, and come with more extreme consequences.

12 teams from last year’s NCAA basketball tournament — including big-name schools like Ohio State, Purdue*, and Syracuse — would have been ineligible had the new standard been in place.

A 930 APR equates to around a 50% graduation rate.

There will be a grace period once the plan in formalized in October, according to ESPN. So don’t expect any college powers to be left out of March Madness until at least 2013.

*Purdue’s APR now stands at 954 with the 2009-10 APR data included.