NBN is connecting 600,000 homes in the bush with wireless internet

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Australia’s regional areas are set for an internet upgrade as part of NBN’s rural roll out.

The network — which has been pegged as one of the best in the world — is continuing its $41 billion project with the aim to deliver the fastest commercial fixed-wireless internet services in the world.

Bill Morrow, NBN chief executive, told the ABC that people in regional areas have “not had adequate broadband to take advantage of everything that having good access to the internet offers”.

Those living in rural Australia have had to rely on dial-up internet connections before turning to ADSL.

“When you talk about ADSL, for many of us when you look at modern technology and what it can do, ADSL is like that old dial-up. It really is inadequate to be able to take advantages of the video over the top communications, the services that are offered such as Netflix coming in but our fixed line wireless product changes all of that,” says Morrow.

According to the AFR, around 4% of Australian homes and businesses in outer suburban, rural and regional areas will have access to fixed-wireless internet service”.

NBN Co will deploy next-generation 5G technology for its rural and regional internet users in Australia “with the promise of 10 gigabit per second downloads speeds” and “near-zero signal lower lag time”.

But rural areas will not be able to take advantage fibre-optic cabling which could deliver the network much sooner and at much less cost because it is too expensive to reach.

So far, NBN Co has already connected more than 95,000 homes and businesses in NSW to the high-speed network.

Earlier this year, the broadband network continued it metropolitan rollout delivering wireless internet to an additional 20,000 homes across western Sydney such as Homebush, Lidcome and Penrith.

NBN Co estimates that by mid-2016, the network will reach 1.9 million homes and businesses nationwide.

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