NBN satellite customers are about to get a big data boost

The NBN’s SkyMuster satellite will deliver broadband for 200,00 households

The NBN is giving a boost to rural customers from 2016, giving more downloads to those using its $2 billion satellite network.

Late yesterday, NBN announced that data limits would be raised to 75GBs per month per household in peak periods and an extra 75GB per month to use during non-peak periods when there aren’t as many people on the network.

NBN has traditionally held strict download limits on satellite customers, which account for around 3% of Australian homes and businesses.

These new increased data limits are thanks to a second satellite that was launched in late September as well as improvements to their fixed wireless service.

The expansion of other forms of broadband, including fixed has also helped relieve the satellite network of around 40,000 customers, freeing up more bandwidth.

Families with students will also benefit from the increased satellite bandwidth, with the NBN allowing an extra 50GB per household for every student doing distance education.

When the NBNs satellites come online in mid-2016, it will allow customers to move off the interim satellites currently being used, which are just portions of existing satellites. The limited capacity of these has lead to slow download speeds, low data caps and many angry complaints.

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