NBN is finally delivering high speed internet to 7.5 million homes in Australia's major cities

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On Friday, NBN released its three year construction plan detailing where and when high-speed broadband would be delivered to Australia’s major cities up to September 2018.

The scheduled plan promises to connect 953,000 homes to NBN in this financial year with another 6.2 million homes and business over the next two financial years.

According to the report, those living in Sydney’s city centre including Darlinghurst, Sydney and Woolloomooloo, Barangaroo and The Rocks can expect construction to begin 2016 with either hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) or the fibre to the node (FTTN).

Around another 22,000 premises in the Haymarket area such as Surry Hills, Chippendale, Darlington and Ultimo would have access to NBN in 2017.

In Melbourne, residents in the CBD such as Abbotsford, Collingwood, East Melbourne, Fitzroy will be connected to HCF but can expect a later rollout of 2018 while another 16,500 homes in Londsdale are expected to be connected to FTTN as early as next year.

While the plan is a convenient way for Australian residents and business owners to pinpoint when they can expect to be hooked up with high-speed internet, it’s also helped Australian residents living in city centres who have been frustrated with the long wait.

Last year, NBN connected more than 3,500 Australian farms, homes and businesses in 31 rural and regional communities to NBN who have previously relied on dial-up internet without access to ADSL.

It continued its regional and rural upgrade this year by connecting another 600,000 homes in the bush to wireless internet with the promises of “10 gigabit per second downloads speeds” and “near-zero signal lower lag time”.

Meanwhile, residents in Sydney and Melbourne’s CBD were still waiting for an expected date of construction, with many having to turn to alternatives such as TPG business fibre or Telstra.

Whirlpool Forum members have been avid followers of NBN since its initial roll-out, “acting almost as the nation’s watercooler for chatting about the massive fibre deployment”.

These were just come of the comments left by frustrated users:

“There’s hardly any HFC cable in the Melbourne CBD, and little to no NBN fibre outside of big apartment buildings.” – Giancarlo

“They will continue to roll out to rural areas where they know they will get a high percentage of signups. I think its wrong that they are not doing a trial area in a huge build up CBD/suburb area, I would expect the sign up rate to be extremely low ~20% or less.” – DanD

“Getting desperate and looking for other options. Unfortunately in a non NBN area for fixed or wireless with no plans for them to roll out (Kensington).” – Rhakki

While the three year rollout has been labelled “ambitious”, communications minister Mitch Fifield says it is nonetheless “achievable”.

“The NBN management and board are confident that the rollout timetable of 2020 for the NBN can be reached. And they’re also confident that over the next three years they can build to ensure that 7.5 million premises have the access to the NBN, which will be an addition to the 1.3 million who currently do and the 700,000 that are currently under construction,” he told the ABC.

“And one of the key reasons why we can really ramp up the rollout of the NBN is because we’re including HFC (hybrid fibre-coaxial), TV cables.”

You can find the full list of of expected rollout dates for every city here.

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