NBCU Still Talking To Google's YouTube. Jilting Hulu?

NBCU SVP of digital distribution Ron Lamprecht told the Ad:Tech conference that discussions are “ongoing” with Google that could lead to the return of NBC promotional content on YouTube. NBC severed the relationship last month as it prepped for the launch of, its video joint venture with News Corp. PaidContent

The fact that NBC is still talking to YouTube, by the way, is bad news for Hulu–the NBC-owned joint venture that was once billed as a “YouTube killer.”  The best chance Hulu has to succeed is through exclusivity: content available on Hulu that is available nowhere else.  If even Hulu’s owners won’t commit to not distributing through YouTube, then Hulu really is toast.  But maybe what Lamprecht meant is that Hulu is still talking to YouTube.

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