NBCU Exiles Hundreds of Employees to Englewood

NBCU’s Beth Comstock pulled out all the stops in trying to sugar-coat a horrific relocation facing at least 300 NBC Integrated Media employees.  New Yorkers working for iVillage, the TV Stations group, and NBC Weather Plus will now be forced to hump it over the George Washington Bridge and up the Palisades to CNBC’s world headquarters in Englewood Cliffs.  Once there, thankfully, they will be deluged with amenities:

  • Free ATM (Savings: $1.50 a week)
  • Dry Cleaner (None of those in Manhattan)
  • Shoe Shine service (Ditto)
  • Restaurant (Definitely none of those in the city)
  • Fed Ex/UPS pick-up  (Can’t get that in New York!)
  • Friday Massages ($1/minute)
  • Thursday Car Wash ($20)
  • Vending Machines (!)
  • Free use of town Tennis Courts (Savings: $50 a year)
  • 26 new meeting spaces
  • Covered patio with outdoor seating
  • New rec room

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