NBCU, Comcast 'Cable Cartel' Dance For Capitol Hill

jeff zucker nbc

Whew! Comcast Chairman Brian Roberts and NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker are through a round of tireless questioning about their proposed merger on Capitol Hill today.

The CEO duo pitched the $30 billion deal as a benefit for consumers–one that would help bring new innovations to the TV industry. They also promised follow government rules about competitor access to programming on the airwaves and online.

But neither executive gave straight answers about what kind of restrictions they would place on competitors or if they will hike up prices for consumers.

Despite heated testimonials from critics, NBC’s Zucker said both companies will be careful to protect consumers while they figure out new business models, and open negotiations for new ones. He said Comcast promised to take a “constructive role” in retransmission consent negotiations, which is a major concern among their competitors.

Executives will have to answer more questions in writing. Meanwhile, the FCC continues to consider what kind of rules, if any, they need to revise or set on the new company.

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