NBC Sports Network's New Show, 'The 'Lights' Is SportsCenter Without The Nonsense

NBC Sports Network The 'Lights

Photo: NBC Sports

The fledgling NBC Sports Network is still trying to feel its way into the world of 24-hour sports coverage and appears to be positioning itself as the anti-ESPN.The latest entry is their new morning highlights show, simply called “The ‘Lights.”

“The ‘Lights” is exactly that. It is nothing but a quick and dirty look at the previous day’s sports highlights.

The show doesn’t mess around at all, opening immediately with the highlights of that day’s biggest game (see screengrab below). Highlights for each segment are shown for 45-60 seconds, and then it is on to the next game or news item.

No commentary. No screaming. And despite being his 25th birthday, no Tim Tebow.

This morning “The ‘Lights” made it through all the highlights in 20 minutes, including a segment on the worst plays of the day (“Low Lights”), the best plays of the day (“Bright Lights”), and off the field news (“Head Lights”). After 20 minutes, the show just looped through the highlights again, doing this continually for two hours (7-9am ET).

And that’s it. Simple and kind of awesome.

Let’s face it. The “E” in ESPN stands for “Entertainment.” And ESPN knows what entertains the masses and what sells. And that’s Tim Tebow, Brett Favre, Derek Jeter, and talking heads yelling at each other. But there is also a growing number of sports fans that are tired of the nonsense and feel that ESPN is going down the same road as MTV. That is, a network that panders to the masses and loses sight of what made it great.

NBCSN may never have ESPN’s ratings. But then again, the most popular products are rarely the best. I’m looking at you Bud Light!

Here’s a screengrab from The ‘Lights

NBC Sports Network

Photo: NBC Sports Network

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