NBC’s Comstock: “I’m Staying”


Bill Sobel of NY:Mieg says NBC’s Beth Comstock herself denied the Post’s report that she was headed back to GE corporate–after he wrote her a note congratulating her on the new gig. (“Not truth to it–I’m staying here for a while,” Beth reportedly replied, via email).  Plenty of wiggle room in “for a while,” but unless this is another Alberto Gonzales situation, Comstock’s denial suggests that the Post’s “half dozen” sources may have been an organised attempt to throw her over the side.

Meanwhile, BusinessWeek suggests that GE will probably dump NBC Universal after the 2008 Beijing Olympics on account of its crappy profitability:  “the overall unit only managed to eke out a 2% profit in the second quarter,” the magazine noted.  A couple of key words appear to be missing in that sentence–NBC Universal eked out a 2% year-over-year gain in operating profit in Q2 (and has a 25% profit margin)–but perhaps BusinessWeek is right that GE still wants to ditch it.  All the more reason for Comstock to head back to corporate!