NBC Won't Show You Jamaica's Record-Setting 4x100m Olympics Relay Race. YouTube Will

Almost as exhilarating as Usain Bolt’s solo races: the Jamaican sprinters set another world record today, this time for the 4×100-meter mens’ relay. But, of course, you couldn’t see the race live on any of NBC’s stations, and NBC wouldn’t show the race live on the Web, either.

So right now your best bet to see the relay is to hope you get lucky on YouTube or DailyMotion. We just did: Enjoy this video while you can, which likely won’t be long. Once it’s nuked, your best bet is to hit YouTube or DailyMotion and keep looking for the freshest video. Warning: Lots of spam there.

Find a better, more reliable source? Let us know in comments and we’ll add it to the post.

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