NBC's Tape-Delayed Olympics Coverage Led To Awkward Exchange Between Matt Lauer And Lindsey Vonn

NBC has received a lot of criticism for opting to only show key events with tape-delayed footage in primetime and it doesn’t help when their own corespondents are asked about events they couldn’t watch live.

During a regular segment on the “TODAY” show, Matt Lauer’s first question for Lindsey Vonn was about the bronze medal-winning performance of American Julia Mancuso in the super combined downhill. This led to an awkward response from Vonn who had not seen the performance from her home in Florida.

Lauer: “Let’s start with the women’s super combined, it happened today. Julia Mancuso taking bronze in that. What did you think of her performance?”

Vonn: “Well, obviously I haven’t seen it because it’s not on NBC, which will be tonight. But I did hear about the results and I heard she had an amazing downhill run and then hung on for the bronze medal.

Vonn’s response was said with a smile and was most likely not an intentional jab at her new employers. However, Vonn’s response does show how difficult it is for NBC to cover and discuss the same events it refuses to show live.

It is a fine line and occasionally they are going to have screw ups.

The most famous screw up came during the 2012 Summer Olympics when NBC mistakenly aired a promo for the “TODAY” show showing swimmer Missy Franklin celebrating her gold medal just prior to actually airing the gold medal-winning race.

In the meantime, maybe Vonn should check out our guide to watching the Olympics online.

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