'Saturday Night Live' perfectly parodied how much everyone loves Adele

Adele snlNBC‘Saturday Night Live.’

There’s no limit to the people Adele can reach with her voice. Everyone knows that. So when “Saturday Night Live” took on the sometimes troublesome Thanksgiving family dinner, the sketch show solved it with Adele.

In the sketch, a diverse family and guests are sitting down for the Thankgiving meal and things are ready to erupt. 

The conservative aunt, played by Aidy Bryant, says what she’s grateful for: “I’m thankful the governor is not going to let those refugees in here.”

“Oh my God,” one guest, played by Cecily Strong, responds in disbelief.

Things get nuts as conversation goes from the refugees, to ISIS, and then comes to a head when Bryant asks the only black man at the table (played by Jay Pharoah), “Why is it that your friends keep antagonizing the police?”

It’s at that time that the young girl at the table pushes play on the radio and Adele’s new single, “Hello,” has a soothing and hypnotic effect on the group — no one is immune to the singer’s charms.

And as the night goes on, Adele’s transformative powers overtake them, even Granddad (played by guest host Matthew McConaughey).

Watch the whole sketch below:



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