NBC Responds To Live Coverage Outrage: 'We Can't Make Everybody Happy'


Deadspin takes a look at how NBC has responded to critics of their live coverage.

Christopher McCloskey, NBC Universal’s vice president for communications, told the Boston Globe that the Olympics have scheduled hundreds of hours of live coverage. “Yet, we still can’t make everybody happy,” he said.

According to Deadspin:

NBC claims that most Americans don’t care if the broadcasts are live, and that’s probably true. Most of them work during the day and can only watch at night, so it honestly makes no difference to them when the sports were recorded. NBC caters to those folks, because they believe the Olympics are sports for people who don’t care about sports. The outrage is coming mostly from sports fans, who are obsessed enough to follow live scoreboards during the day and DVR events they can’t be home for and know that sports provide enough real drama that it doesn’t need to be manufactured by highlight packages. They love sports enough that they will watch imperfect coverage of pre-taped events. Why break your back making them happy?

Maybe because they will write articles like this one.

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