NBC's electoral map shows Hillary Clinton with enough electoral votes to win the presidency

A map released by NBC News on Monday projected Hillary Clinton with enough electoral votes to secure the presidency, if the election were held today.

NBC News projected the Democratic nominee would earn 288 electoral votes while Republican nominee Donald Trump secured just 174. A total of 76 electoral votes were considered tossups.

A candidate needs 270 votes to secure the presidency.

Based on recent polling, the map was a conservative estimate for just how much Clinton could potentially win by.

Florida, Ohio, Georgia, and Nevada were all considered tossups by NBC, and recent polling showed Clinton ahead in all four. In addition, Arizona, Utah, Iowa, and South Carolina were either considered tossups or states that lean-toward Trump by NBC, and recent polling in those four states showed Clinton either leading or within a margin of error. If Trump were to win all of those states, he still would not hit the needed 270 electoral votes, falling 20 short.


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