NBC Online Olympic Coverage: Hulu Who?

NBC is reiterating that it’s going with “wall to wall” online Olympic coverage (translation: 3,600 hours–2,200 live– including kayaking and archery).  The Post reports that NBC is also now making a major push to book advertisers and that the Olympics could mark a “watershed” moment in the history of online video advertising.  Let’s hope so.

In any event, we reiterate our suggestion that NBC broadcast all events online. We also note that, whatever it does, once again, NBC is looking out for its own interests long before it looks out for those of its online video investment Hulu. 

The Post reports that NBC is merely “considering” also distributing clips through Hulu. Translation: We’ll worry about Hulu later, if we get to it. Additional support for our thesis that Hulu is screwed.

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