NBC Olympics Executive David Neal: Primetime Is The 'Mother Ship,' We Won't Change Our Ways

speed skating before the clap skate

NBC has been relatively silent about the backlash against their Olympics coverage, which favours delayed primetime packages in liu of more live coverage.

Richard Deitsch over at Sports Illustrated, asked executive vice president of NBC Olympics David Neal if the criticism of NBC delaying tape-delaying events was fair or unfair.

“I don’t even worry about giving it a rating in my head,” Neal said. “We believe in what we are doing here. The amount of time and effort that we put into preparing for the Olympic Games surpasses anything that I’ve been around. We have the strength in our convictions. We believe in what we are doing. We believe in the way that we present the Olympic Games. And I think the ratings back us up.”

The primetime show “has to be protected,” he told Sports Illustrated. “That show has to be compelling every night. That is the mother ship, and we have to maintain it as an attractive vehicle no matter what.”

In other words, don’t expect NBC to switch things up any time soon.

It’s upsetting that NBC refuses to listen to its viewers. But the network is getting the ratings, and that could encourage them to go after the rights to exclusively broadcast the Olympics again. We might have to wait for another network to bid for the games.

ESPN, perhaps?

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