NBC News Boss: Jeff Zucker Gets 'Cartoonish' Treatment In Conan O'Brien Debacle


Jeff Capus, president of NBC News, thinks the media was too harsh on his boss, NBC Universal president Jeff Zucker, during the late night kerfuffle.

“Jeff is being portrayed as a cartoonish figure,” Capus told MarketWatch, “adding angrily” that journalists’ depiction is “completely at odds with reality.”

Zucker was one of the executives in charge of bringing Jay Leno into a 10 p.m. timeslot and eventually kicking Conan O’Brien out of The Tonight Show to bring Jay back.

Capus insists that critics skirted Zucker’s success at NBC Universal’s news, sports and theme-park units. Focusing on late night is “unfair” and “over-simplistic,” he said.

As MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman notes: Capus “knows well that the law of survival in television is: make the numbers. If you don’t, you suffer. Fair or not, that’s how it is.”

Read more details on NBC News at MarketWatch.

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