NBC Launches NBCOlympics.com; Here’s How to Make it Great


MediaPost reports that the site plans to stream 61% of the 3,600 hours of TV coverage on all NBCU properties during the 2008 Olympics.  And that some 3,000 hours of highlight videos will be available. 

That’s good, but here’s a better idea: Stream everything. Live. 

Everywhere you have a camera, stream a feed.  Stop trying to “protect” your TV broadcast.  Drop ads right into the feeds (or on top of them, or alongside them).  Your TV audience includes millions of people who want to watch 1 or 2 of the dozens of sports you might cover occasionally on TV–and wants to watch them 24/7.  The web has killed delayed sports broadcasts: rabid fans follow the action second by second online and will whether you want them to or not. Stop trying to force those people to tune in for four hours to watch Bob Costas try to transform “popular” events that are 12 hours old into cliffhangers.  People interested in seeing tape delays of popular events will watch them anyway.

Dear Jeff, Dick, and Beth: Really. Just do it.  Stream every event.  Live.  Your viewers will love you.  NBCOlympics.com will set records.  Your TV broadcast won’t lose any more money than it otherwise would.  Just do it.

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