NBC Finally Sells Out Super Bowl, Crows About Record-Breaking Revenues


NBC just announced Saturday night that they’d sold all of the ads for the Super Bowl, including those two spots they still had left on Wednesday.

The network’s press release boasts about how NBC’s $206 million in advertising revenue sets a new record and suggests that the recession didn’t dampen ad buys.  But that’s not true.

As Silicon Alley Insider pointed out a couple of months ago, most of those ads were sold before the economy crashed and burned in September. Plus, perennial advertisers GM and FedEx are sitting this game out. And NBC gave more than five minutes of ad time to themselves, using it to hawk NBC programs, General Electric and NBC Universal and News Corp’s joint venture Hulu. We’d also like to note that last year, Fox had sold all of its ads by the Wednesday before the big game. Finally, Nikki Finke notes that there was a “buy a Super Bowl ad, get a cheap ad during the pregame show” incentive.

Meanwhile, we’re wondering how many people will tune in for the ads this year since NBC announced that they’ll put them up on Hulu right after the game’s over and several of the movie trailers slated to run during the game are either online now or will be shortly after the game’s over.

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