NBC Cancels Ads=Content Website Firebrand

Does a website based around solely around ads sound like a good idea to you? It did to us. But we appear to have been in the minority — NBC is pulling the plug on Firebrand, its attempt to do just that. Back when this was called Didja, we thought good ads = good content. But something went wrong here. NYT:

A spokesman for NBC Universal, Cory Shields, said on Tuesday afternoon, “we are not putting any additional capital into the company.”

Mr. Shields responded to a question from a reporter who was told by an executive of Firebrand that the company had shut down, effective immediately. The executive was not authorised to discuss the status of the company and as such declined to be identified.

Mr. Shields declined to discuss the reason for the decision or how much NBC Universal and the other partners had invested.

But there had been reports of low ratings for the Firebrand TV show, on Ion Television at 11 p.m., as well as reports that sponsor support for the show and the Web site (firebrand.com) were lagging.

Telephone calls to public relations representatives for Firebrand left on voice-mail systems at Firebrand were not returned on Tuesday afternoon. The Web site Gawker reported that employees were asked to relinquish their Blackberrys.



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