NBC Broadcasts Just A Half Minute Of Incredible U.S. vs Canada Game

USA hockey

Last night, NBC stuck to its pre-packaged schedule, deciding to air ice dancing and bob sledding.

Meanwhile, its sister network MSNBC aired the most thrilling get of the night: the U.S. vs. Canada hockey game.

The shocking 5-3 victory stunned Canada, which hasn’t been defeated by Americans since 1960. The game was full of suspense and incredible plays.

NBC producers finally broke in with only a half-minute of the hockey game on the main network. Only cable subscribers and online viewers could experience one of the most exciting games of the entire Olympics.

NBC stuck to their ho-hum broadcast because they promised advertisers that sparking ice skaters and spandexed bobsledders would star in their main events for Sunday’s prime-time schedule. Not true American hockey heroes.

Why didn’t producers switch things up sooner? The game is now a 2010 Olympics classic. And millions missed out.

What’s worse? NBC has blocked viewers from watching the full game online unless they have a cable subscription. Just try to check it out here. There is a highlight video here, which can’t be embedded.

We’ve been trying to find highlight videos on YouTube, but the Olympics Committee keeps tearing them down.

AP information was used in this report.

Update: Here’s a highlight video from the AP:

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