NBC Airing Emmys Live For The First Time, Thanks To Twitter

fields sally oscar

NBC is considering scrapping the time delay when it airs the Emmys on Aug. 29, according to Broadcasting & Cable.

The TV show typically airs live on stations on the East and in Central time zones, with a delay for the West coast.

But keeping the show live across the country will allow the conversations on Twitter, Facebook and mobile apps to happen in real time.

Chatty spoilers would already spill onto social networks by the time the awards aired on the West Coast. A live show might keep them tuned in to the actual broadcast.

NBC just made the move when it aired the Golden Globes on Jan. 17, and it was all in the name of Twitter. It seems to have paid off. Viewership for the Golden Globes increased by 14%, making it the network’s largest viewing (excluding sports) in six years.

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