NBA Uniforms Through The Decades


Photo: AP Images

Contrary to the outfits of most cheerleaders, NBA uniforms have gotten less, and less revealing every year.Back in the 1950’s, NBA stars showed off some serious leg and sported tight tank tops and converse sneakers.

In the 80’s and 90’s, we saw flashy, bright coloured jerseys.

These days, NBAers have much baggier uniforms and rock fancy Nike’s.

LAKERS 1950: Notice the short shorts and Converse sneakers

LAKERS NOW: Much longer, baggier uniforms, and flashy sneakers

NUGGETS 1950: Short shorts with a belt!

NUGGETS 1980s: Had to include the rainbow jerseys of the eighties

NUGGETS NOW: These days, they stick with the all powder blue, or all white

CELTICS 1960: That's a very tight shirt

CELTICS NOW: A much looser shirt and some sweatband accessories

76ers 1965: Skinny tank top with a THICK stripe

76ers NOW: Classic white

BULLS 1970: Bulls uniforms said Chicago on the front

BULLS NOW: Same colours, different words

NETS 1975: American flag-esque stars down one side of the unis

NETS in NJ: Still red, white, and blue, sans stars

NETS in BROOKLYN: All black

PACERS 1980: Check out that 1980's style font

PACERS NOW: Plain and simple

PISTONS 1980s: Short shorts and high socks took over the 80's

PISTONS 1999: For some reason, the Pistons went with these turquoise unis in the late 90's

PISTONS NOW: White with a simple red font

HORNETS 1988: Their very first uniforms, in Charlotte at the time

HORNETS NOW: In New Orleans, and a different shade of blue

GRIZZLIES 1996: In Vancouver with a giant bear claw on the leg

GRIZZLIES NOW: In Memphis, and much more toned down

Cheerleaders have started wearing less clothing as time has passed...

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