More than 1 out of every 3 shots in the NBA now come from 3-point range, an all-time high

Last season, three teams broke the NBA single-season record of three-pointers attempted in a season, with the Houston Rockets finishing with the most, 3,306. That was 626 more than any previous team had attempted.

This season, the Rockets are on pace for 3,518 three-point attempts and half the league’s 30 teams are on pace to shoot at least 2,400 shots from behind the arc. Only 12 teams in NBA history have reached that mark, and 11 of those came in the last two seasons.

Overall, 33.7% of all shots are now from three-point range. That is up from 31.6% last season and up from 28.5% the season before. That is easily the largest two-season jump since the mid-90s when the NBA briefly experimented with a three-point line that was closer to the basket. In other words, we are nowhere near the peak of three-point shooting as its increase in use is actually accelerating, not slowing down.

Here is the percentage of all shots that come from three-point range since the NBA added the three-point line.

Samantha Lee/Business Insider

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