NBA Team's Attempt At A colourful 'Bollywood Night' Did Not Go As Well As Planned

Many of us have seen those displays in college sports where the fans are coordinated to wear different colours depending on which section they are in, creating an impressive striped display. The Golden State Warriors tried something similar last night for “Bollywood Night” to honour Indian culture.

The Warriors went a step further, where they actually provided the shirts of varying colours, a sight that looked impressive before fans entered the arena

Golden State Warriors


But by the middle of the first period, it was clear that the fans were not playing along with most of the colour only being seen in seats where no fans showed up…

Golden State Warriors

Photo: MSG

The Warriors did have other forms of Indian culture, including Indian food at the concession stands and Indian dance routines from their dance team…

Golden State Warriors cheerleaders

Photo: MSG

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