Here's What NBA Stars Looked Like When They Played In The Summer League

lebron james nba summer league 2003

The NBA Summer League is a glorified basketball camp.

It consists of exclusively young players, most of whom will never step foot on any NBA court.

But many of the NBA’s biggest stars played in it the Summer League at one time.

A Reddit user had the great idea to make a gallery of some of these stars, and we followed suit.

LeBron James in the 2003 Summer League

Lebron today

James Harden in the 2009 Summer League

Harden Today

Dwight Howard in the 2004 Summer League

Dwight today

Jeremy Lin in the 2010 Summer League

Lin today

Kevin Durant in the 2007 Summer League

Durant today

Kobe Bryant in the 1996 Summer League

Kobe today (he hasn't aged a day)

Russell Westbrook in the 2008 Summer League

Westbrook today

David Lee in the 2005 Summer League

Lee today

Nate Robinson in the 2005 Summer League

Nate today

Chris Paul in the 2005 Summer League

Paul today

JR Smith in the 2005 Summer League

Smith today, with more tattoos

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